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  • 💪Relieve Muscle Fatigue: The Massage Gun can reduce muscle pain and fatigue after exercise, relieve fatigue and improve physical condition. For the back pain caused by sitting for a long time in the office, shoulder and neck discomfort caused by excessive use of mobile phones, athletes can greatly improve the lumbar muscle strain caused by training, re-awaken muscle vitality, and drive away fatigue.
  • 💪30 Speed Modes Are Available: The Electric Massager is equipped with 6 massage heads, which correspond to joints, shoulders, waist, abdomen, legs and other body parts. You can choose the speed mode that you want. Massage every muscle from light to strong to achieve the effect of muscle relaxation. And it has a memory function, restores to the previous speed mode every time it is turned on, and is equipped with a touchable LCD display, so you can easily adjust to the speed mode you want.
  • 💪Fashionable And Scientific Design: Handheld Tissue Massager is equipped with special non-slip rubber to enhance the friction, the hand feel is excellent, and the weight is light, and it can be used with one hand. The heat dissipation air groove design on the top of the electric massage gun ensures that you don't have to worry about heat generation during use. The light surround design at the bottom help you can understand the power usage according to the color change of the ring light.
  • 💪Long Battery Life And Low Noise: Deep Tissue Massager uses brushless motor, which not only has higher speed and energy saving effect, but also reduces noise. Equipped with 6 fast rechargeable detachable lithium batteries, it can be used continuously for 6 hours after only charging for about 2.5 hours. We have prepared a storage box for you, whether you are traveling or going to the gym to exercise, you can easily bring it.
  • 💪We Provide High-Quality After-Sales Service: The gun massage is guaranteed for one year. If you have any questions in the process of using the products, you can contact us at any time, and we will do our best to give a satisfact

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