ID - 13165 : 5 PACK OF DEWENWILS wireless sockets with remote control, 30M range, 2300W wireless socket for holiday decoration, sockets of 5 with remo

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  • 30 M LONG RANGE: Strong RF signal works through walls and doors without interference; up to 30 meters range outdoors without obstacles; does not require a line of sight between remote control and socket; Operating frequency 433.92 MHz
  • SELF-LEARNING FUNCTION: Additional portable remote control and socket (only available on the same model); Handheld transmitters and radio receivers are programmed in advance for immediate use
  • ENERGY SAVING: Eliminate costly standby power and reduce energy consumption; The socket remains off even after a power outage to save energy and your electricity costs; The standby power consumption of the socket is only 0.6 W
  • PLUG & PLAY: Hassle-free installation; no programming or tools required; battery included; integrated parental control; ideal for the elderly and people with reduced mobility or back pain; CE certified
  • WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: 5 channel; Indoor lighting such as Christmas lights, plug-in pendant lights, hard-to-reach electronic devices remotely controlled on or off, and other electronic devices when pressing the button; 2 remote controls offer more comfort for staircases, cellars, garages and attics

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