ID-1950: 2100W Electric Portable Concrete Mixer, Suitable For Mixing Cement, Mortar, Paint And Feed110V

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We provide you with this powerful 2100-watt portable concrete mixer tool, which enables you to accomplish various tasks with one tool. Suitable for home and two workplaces.

 The 6-speed gearbox can handle a variety of materials. It can quickly and easily mix batches of paint, plasterboard mud, cement slurry, and food. . The S spiral blade easily mixes thick compounds. The easy-to-use finger lock and thumb trigger ensure that the mixer cannot be accidentally opened. For handymen, this is an excellent cement mixer that can be used to mix compounds for various house renovation projects

The motor is covered with full copper wire, which can resist heat and cooling in a short time, provide stable and continuous power during long-term work, and can last for a long time without failure.

It is very suitable for mixing medium viscosity building materials, including mortar, glue, plaster, mortar, cement, etc. It can also be used to mix your food, feed, paint, etc.

More details to mention:

When working for a long time, after pressing the lock switch, you can release the power switch. The machine runs normally, reducing work intensity can relieve fatigue and make our use more effective.

Ground fault interrupter-built-in ground fault circuit breaker provides additional protection to ensure safe use of liquids

Finger lock and thumb trigger-easy-to-use finger lock ensures that the mixer cannot be accidentally opened, and the thumb trigger makes it easy to operate the mixer

Left thumb speed wheel-The left hand speed wheel dial has a variable speed setting, which can properly mix thick or viscous compounds.

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