ID - 1290 : Tacklife MLM02 Sound Level Meter / Portable Decibel Meter / Decibel Tester / 30 dB–130dB Range / 2 Modes / Back-lit and Digital Display

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  • Quick and accurate:Measurement range:30dB–130dB with frequencies of 31.5Hz–8KHz; accuracy: ± 1.5dB; resolution:0.1dBA; rapidly delivers accurate data on the noise levels of your surroundings.
  • Fast / Slow button:According to different environments, the response rate is switched between rapid mode (125 milliseconds) and slow mode (1 second); this advanced design quickly indicates noise levels you are exposed to.
  • Multi-functional and high quality:Data hold button function to store data, Max/Min button and also torch behind.Sound level meter is well constructed to provide a long service life.
  • Digital display and back-lit:Indicates the measuring data, the mode, Max or Min, and the measurement unit, which makes it easy to view and understand information even in low lighting.
  • Package contents:1 x Tacklife MLM02 sound level meter; 1 x 9V battery, 1 x user manual.

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