ID-1655: FastNail Nintendo control switch joy-con, black grip

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FastNail Nintendo control switch joy-con, black grip

  • Exclusive Fastsnail Materials: Quick grips made of exclusive materials, with premium rubber non-slip matte surface for excellent grip. Different from the other grips on Amazon. No scratches, attractive appearance, the touch is the best.
  • Ergonomic design: improves SL and SR buttons to extend service life. Ergonomic design that provides superior grip and greater comfort. It allows you to play for longer, such as Mario Kart and Street Fighter Ultra.
  • Comfortable to hold: perfect for extended and high stress gaming sessions. Take control and elevate your game with the FastSnail grip kit.
  • A model for both sides: since it is a dedicated design, the operation of each terminal and button can be convenient while keeping the case connected.
  • Protection: Since it is a special case, it can protect your Joy-Con firmly from daily wear, scratches and dirt. (Note: does not include switch and Joy-Cons.)

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