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The Lenco BMC-090 is a karaoke microphone with a speaker that works via a Bluetooth connection. Sing-a-long to your favourite songs and use the light and sound effects on this microphone to make your performance even cooler. This karaoke microphone has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours so you, friends and family or acquaintances can enjoy themselves for hours on end. The microphone can also be connected to a HiFi set.

How does the Lenco BMC-090 karaoke microphone work?

This microphone works via a Bluetooth connection and is extremely compact, so this microphone can also be taken to all kinds of parties. Also, the Lenco BMC-090 has integrated LED lighting, so you can enhance your performance with lighting effects. The battery of this product lasts up to 8 hours, which means hours of sing-a-long fun with this karaoke microphone!

What connections does this karaoke microphone have?

This karaoke microphone has the following connections:

• USB port

• Line output

• Micro SD card slot

How can you best connect the Lenco BMC-090?

You can connect the Lenco BMC-090 to any Hi-Fi set (AUX IN)

What supplies are included with this microphone?

The following 2 accessories are included with this microphone:

• 3.5 mm cable

• USB cable

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