ID - 1373 :AGAM PL-603 PL-603 Full Body Massager (Slimming Massager, Vibration Massage) Massager (Blue)

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Features: 1. Promote body metabolism 2. Enhance gastrointestinal motility 3. Easily push the key parts of fat out of the waist, abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs and other fat drooping. 4. 4 kinds of specifications change head, to meet the needs of the whole body 5. Relieve fatigue, eliminate muscle tension 6. It can not only reduce the fat to shape the perfect shape, but also massage and relax the muscles, which is suitable for the whole family. 7. The design of the removable massage head allows you to change easily, requiring massage head, and cleaning is more convenient. Specification? 1. Product name: body massage 2. Model:PL-603B 3. Color:Blue&White 4. Rated Voltage :AC 220V EU plug 5. Rated Power: 28W 6. Net weight: 1055g 7. Rotate Speed: 2200-2500RPM 8. Main machine material: ABS/TPR 9. Standard accessories: Main machine, four massage heads (Flat massage head, wavy massage head, micro filer massage head and ball massage head), mesh cover Usage of massage attachments: 1. Flat massage head; Decompression massage, weigh-loss massage for face, abdominal 2. Wavy massage head: Acupuncture points and deep tissue massage 3. Ball massage head:can be used with essential oil as you like 4. Micro filer massage head: Remove calluses and dry skin for feet. (Notice:Do not use mesh cover when micro filer message head is attached.) 5. Mesh cover: Prevent hair involved in machines, protect hair safety.

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