ID-1470: Smart WiFi LED Light Strip works with Alexa, Google Home; 16.4 feet, 32.8 feet; 5050 LED, 16 million colors, phone app, controlled music ligh

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  • Voice control, works with Alexa, Google Assistant: Govee Strip lights can free your hands to control the light. Use simple conversation initiators to turn your lights on and off, set the color, make them brighter. It is currently compatible with Echo and Google Home. [Does NOT support 5G WiFi]
  • WiFi and Bluetooth control via the app: the "Govee Home" app does what lights can do (on/off, color change and brightness). They are fully RGB and through the phone app, you have all the colors to select. You can make your favorite colors by mixing various colors and maintaining them for later use. The timer function allows you to run your home light system intelligently.
  • Strip MUSIC LED Lights: There is a built-in microphone that syncs with any music coming out of your phone's speaker or any other speaker in the room and dancing the lights along with music beats (or palms). This feature is available in the app and controller, use it to make your environment alive!
  • Perfect ambient light: our light strips are made of high quality bright 5050 LED lights. It is non-water resistant and is designed for indoor use. You can decorate your bedroom, ceiling, stairs, kitchen closet, porch, desk and living room, especially ideal for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, parties, etc.
  • Easy to install: Govee aims to provide an easy way to start designing your connected home. Therefore, this is an all-in-one kit comes with an ETL adapter, a WiFi controller, 16.4 foot light strip; Original 3M adhesive and 5 fastening clips. Refer to the image, video and user manual to install. Please contact us for any questions and product suggestions. (Note: connectors are not included, you will need to purchase extra 4-pin connectors for reconnection).

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