ID - 1256 : 180° Rotating Alarm Clock with Projection, LED High Definition Display Ceiling Projection Digital Alarm Clock, FM Radio/Brightness Settin

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  • 180° flip projection display & dual alarm: The projection arm of the radio alarm clock is adjustable 120° (from -30° to 90°) and the sharp projection can be swivelled 180°, giving you the possibility to project the time on the wall or ceiling in any desired direction. With the dual alarm function, you can set two separate alarm times if you and your partner have different schedules
  • FM radio function: can set the listening time to 0 to 90 minutes, manual frequency tuning, automatic search, unlimited number of transmitters
  • Dual alarm function: two alarm clocks can be set to arbitrarily set the date of the audio, the alarm can be set as a reminder, alarm snooze mode
  • Projection clock: project time on your walls or ceiling, clear display is fully checked by just lying on the bed. 180 degree swivel projection allows you to check the time without turning over.
  • Improved easier operation & USB charging: The operation of the latest version is easier and more intuitive, it allows you to set the alarm clock in less than a minute, also ideal for children and seniors. Another 5V / 1.2A USB port on the back is very convenient to charge your iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets.

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