ID - 9860 : Bluetooth Selfie Stick, 360 Degree Rotation Phone Holder,Al Following 3D Live Smartphone Stabilizer with Universal Tripod Interface,Head F

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  • [Face Tracking & Intelligent Follower] The selfie stick adopts automatic face tracking technology and face comparison algorithm, 360° full rotation, automatic identification of people. Intelligently capture the protagonist during multi-object shooting and realize priority follow-up.
  • [Face recognition, protagonist mode] The phone holder supports the input of the main user's facial image, and will automatically follow the main user in priority.The color of the product we send is white.Adjustable follow-up speed.
  • [Support for use on all platforms] The gimbal stabilizer breaks the compatibility limitations of general mobile phone follow-up pan-tilt applications. GK01 only needs to keep "3D Live" running in the background, and users can easily use other live camera and video communication software.
  • [Battery powered & USB dual interface] The smartphone stabilizer has a built-in 18650 rechargeable battery. The dual USB slot design makes charging more convenient. One slot can be used for mobile phone charging, and the other can be used for LED fill light charging.
  • [Convenient and easy to install] The selfie stick has a net weight of 0.32kg, which is light and easy to carry. The bottom of the selfie stick is equipped with a 1/4-inch universal tripod interface, which can be easily installed on most camera mounts on the market.

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