ID - 9491 : Xiaomi Smart Weighing Scale 2 Health Balance Bluetooth

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  • - For Xiaomi Sport APP Open the Xiaomi Sport Appandview the curve of dataandbody changes at any time,anywhere. Fitness plansandnutritional adjustments can also be made based on the BMI. At the same time, A weight of each record is uploaded to the APP cloud for unlimited storage. Dual mode. Meeting the needs of weighing small objects,measuring can still live as low as 100g after booting.
  • - Ideal weight Real -time calculation Equipped with ideal weight measurement function,based on height,age,BMIandother data, Intelligently calculate the weight that fits them. Not blindly loose e weight,excessive weight looses.
  • - Body Balance Assessment Equipped with body balance function test function,they can understand their body balance ability On the APP standing on the scale with one foot.
  • - Intelligent Analysis home members can be automatically detected on physical data,andup to 16 members can be shared for family sharing. Visitor mode can also be set,andother people's measurement data is not saved.
  • - Hohe Preci sion Sensor Precisely perceived changes from subtle to 50g

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