ID- 4062 : YB-DD Handheld Insect Trap Spider Trap Insect Catcher Artifact Spider Catcher and Fly Swat Kit, Critter Catcher, Spider Catcher, Cotton Dan

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Product description
Hand-held insect trap. 
Toxicity: non-toxic 
Specification: 65 x 13.5 x 6 cm. 
Colour: green. 
Looking for a humane way to get rid of spider at home? It's a safe way - my case catch is a long-stemmed insect grabber. This humanized insect trap is easy to use. It is suitable for all types of spiders, cockroaches, beetles, cockroaches, scorpions and the like. My catcher case is ideal for safer places to move endangered insects such as bees. If you pack it with my catcher, carefully study a spider. When you finish your observation, put the spider back into its surroundings. For an emerging entomologist, this is a perfect gift! Do not squeeze the bugs and drive them out of your home.

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