ID- 3899 : LIVARNO LIVING® Combine modular shelf with door oak / white

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Livarno Living Wide Double Cube Storage Unit Door Opening Hanging Shelves

Livarno Living Wide Double Cube Storage Unit Door Opening Hanging Shelves

    Modular design furniture system
    High stability due to large, durable rear wall
    Ideal for all living spaces
    With 2 compartments - usable vertically or horizontally
    High-quality design: floating look thanks to shadow gap
    Frame construction with miter cut
    Colored body and back panel
    Colored door with metal handle
    Scratch-resistant and easy to care for thanks to melamine resin coating
    For wall mounting - including mounting material and instructions
    1 piece

    Melamine-faced chipboard


    W 76 x H 38 x D 36 cm


    approx. 18.4 kg

 Great design, high functionality - that was the vision of Combine developer Jochen Flacke. As one of Germany's most renowned designers, he has been designing furniture and products for well-known companies for years. We are pleased to present you Fllack's latest designs.

With the combinable Combine furniture system, Jochen Flacke has developed something that you can use in the entire apartment and that leaves you free space for your ideas. Regardless of whether on the wall next to or below each other or modernly spaced, whether as a sideboard, bookshelf, shoe rack or bedside table: this shelving system is the perfect and flexible solution for all rooms. The modules playfully adapt to any ceiling height, any wall texture and any furnishing style. 

In other words, Combine simply fits anywhere and always looks stylish. And at your usual low Lidl price!
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