ID-3794 : Drain fairy with fragrance stone for sink, apple-lemon

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Drain fairy with fragrance stone for sink, apple-lemon

Drain fairy with fragrance stone for sink, apple-lemon
Known from the TV show Die Höhle der Löwen!
World first! - 3 in 1 drainage solution
Design drain plug
No more clogged drains
Exudes a fresh scent

This clever drain cleaner should not be missing in any bathroom! Simple but brilliant!

Protect your drainage pipes from clogging by hair, lint, soap residue and the like! With the drainage fairy, you can quickly and easily prevent odor-forming pipe deposits.
The fragrance stone contains drain cleaner & fresh scent, it exudes an apple-lemon freshness for weeks - easy to rinse!

The drain fairy fits almost all drains and the installation is child's play and works without special tools: Simply replace the conventional drain plug with the drain fairy and a fresh scent spreads in your bathroom.

The dirt already decomposes in the drain plug and ensures free drainage. After about 3 months, the drainage fairy can simply be removed and the active ingredient replaced. This saves you the hassle of cleaning drains and hair sieves.

Chrome-plated metal / plastic, including 2 fragrance stones, 40 g each

Ø 6.1 / 2.8 x 8.5 cm
EAN 04016471000209

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