ID - 16720 : Timer Set of 2 Kitchen Timer Digital Timer Magnetic Egg Timer Kitchen Clock Countdown Stopwatch Kitchen with LCD Loud Alarm for Cooking B

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  • Latest updated version 3.0 kitchen timer: this kitchen clock can be used for both count-up and count-down. Best suited as a kitchen cooking timer, sports timer, game timer, egg timer, children's alarm clock, or timer for debates, homework, teacher, BBQ, spa, hairdresser, etc.
  • Large LCD display kitchen alarm clock: with a larger and clearer 41 x 17 mm LCD screen, you can easily read the number at any viewing angle. This timer is ideal for those without the best eyesight.
  • Loud beep alarm egg clock: new version short timer improves alarm decibels up to 96 dB, you can hear the alarm clearly and easily in the next room. No more boiling over in the kitchen while watching TV in the living room.
  • 3 ways of placing: with a strong magnet on the back, you can attach the kitchen timepiece to fridge, oven etc.; a durable pull-out stand so that it only stands on a table; a small eyelet at the top for hanging on a hook.
  • BATTERY INCLUDED: With 1 x AAA battery, which can be easily inserted into the back by removing the cover (not like some screws). This digital kitchen timer is ready to use and saves you extra money when buying a battery.

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