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Victure PC660 Security Camera Outdoor

Victure CCTV Outdoor Camera for Home Security
Victure CCTV outdoor security camera works with TuyaSmart APP, with this Victure CCTV camera, you can know what happened around your house anytime. When any suspicious activity is detected, the camera can alert the suspicious person and send a notification to your phone immediately.
The unique encryption technology is adopted by this outdoor camera to save videos on micro SD card. Nobody can copy the SD card's video file through the card reader even when your outdoor camera or SD card is stolen. Video files in SD card can only be accessed by yourself in your own account.
Note: It supports wifi connection, but needs power cable for connection, it is not a battery camera.

Victure Security Camera Outdoor Pan/Tilt 360°
This camera will rotate and track the motion intelligently once motion is detected
Alerts notification will be sent to your phone immediately
You can check what's happening around your house via your phone anytime anywhere
You can control the rotation of the camera via your phone also
So that you can see every corner and wont miss every detail about what's happening around your house

IP66 Waterproof
IP66 weatherproof feature allows you to keep monitoring whenever rain or snow. Victure security camera provide 7*24 hours safeguard for your house.

Two way audio
You can talk through the camera and threaten any suspicious people approaching your room.

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