ID-17164: CPVAN Motion Sensor with Siren, white [Energy Class A+++]

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CPVAN Motion Sensor with Siren, white [Energy Class A+++]

USE: Motion sensor Securing larger areas such as monitored entrances, courtyards, rooms, garages, offices, shops, etc, 125 dB alarm mode or very loud notification tone - Control via included remote control - If the siren alarm is triggered, the siren stops automatically after 2 minutes and the system returns to the activated mode. The siren can also be stopped with the remote control. SIMPLE AND EXPANDABLE - Simple and understandable system - easy to install and use. Batteries included. Power supply via power adapter is also possible. 10 sensors of the Cpvans Home Alarm System - window & door sensors, motion sensors and remote controls - all wireless, no wiring required. The wireless motion sensor can be installed anywhere indoors EVEN SAFER DESIGN - The system has a communication range of up to 100 meters (sound range on open areas) and a detector range of the infrared sensor of around 5 to 8 meters. The loud alarm tone with up to 120dB will inform you about unwanted guests and guarantee your safety. You can also choose between different modes for day and night EXPANDABLE: The system is very flexible and expandable, as you can add additional sensors or remote control of the CPVan alarm system, such as CPVan door & window sensor. CPVANS SERVICE - Very detailed German instructions for use

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