ID-17269: TEENO 1200w Electronic Router 240V

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TEENO 1200w Electronic Router 240V

  • In our plastic box includes 6 mm and 8 mm collet,Variable Speed
  • There are many applications for a router, such as edge forming, grooving in wood, shaping, straight routing or groove cutting, core box routing, chamfering, mortising, laminate trimming, v-grooving and lettering, decorative grooving, frame routing, edge forming, drilling, rebating, profiling, rounding over, long-hole routing and copy routing.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles with soft grip surfaces helps users to balance the centre of gravity, which ensure safe guidance of the machine and higher convenience. The on/off switch is built into the handle grip. This ensures comfortable and safe handling and prevents accidentally moving the machine off track while you work.
  • A slow-starting motor allows you build up slowly to your required speed, preventing any unexpected jerks that could ruin an otherwise perfect finish.
  • Chip Guard, Parallel Guide, Now comes with Trade Quality 12 Piece 8MM cutter set which includes some of the most popular accessories.

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