ID - 13362 : Cool Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys, Auto Electronic Shooting Target for Boys Toys Best Gifts for 5-12 Yeas Old Kids Toy Nerf Guns

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Cool Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys, Auto Electronic Shooting Target for Boys Toys Best Gifts for 5-12 Yeas Old Kids Toy Nerf Guns


  • 【Digital Target】 Digital Shooting Targets scoreboard tracks and displays scores, when you hit 1 targets and it falls down, you will get 1 point .When you get 30/60 points, it will trigger cheers sound effect. When you get 90 points, it will play “GAME OVER”
  • 【Auto Reset System】When all three targets to be pushed down, the strong electrical chance drove all three shooting targets automatic rebound into position after 3 seconds. The reset target will attract the children to continue shooting towards the targets and keep shooting game fun.
  • 【Realistic Sound & Intelligent Light Effect】Hitting the shooting targets will cause the light to flash, accompanied by a simulated gunshots and glass breaking sound that can enhance the game’s tense atmosphere and provide a real shooting experience for the participants.
  • 【High Quality Material& Non-Slip Mats】Children shooting game score target is made of eco-friendly plastic. Non-toxic, non-deformable, safe, suitable for children to play. Besides, the non-slip mats will provide a better shooting experience.
  • 【Perfect Kids Gift】Better than video games. Great for limiting time on phones, computers, and game console. And it's fun to play either inside or outside. Shooting Targets is perfect for kid's birthday gift or Christmas gift.

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