ID - 15082 : Blink Outdoor Camera Wall Mount Bracket, Hard Protective Case and Metal Mount for Blink XT2 Cameras Weather Proof Adjustable Indoor Outdo

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  • Full coverage for your blinks: our wall mount Set for blink XT cameras includes a wall mount and cover which provide full protection for your camera against the outdoor UV/sun/rain/wind and any sudden attack from indoor creatures
  • Upgraded for better: the connector that attaches the mount to the camera has been designed into the screw one which is much secure. You will have no worries that your expensive cams will drop off from the wall. Also, the metal mounts and hard plastic covers are more durable and substantial
  • 360°Rotation: This versatile camera wall mount provides 360°rotation for your blinks and leaves no blind spot, making your home a safer and controllable world
  • Minimalist shape: wall mounts are designed into 2 different looks to fit the blink XT and blink indoor cameras. Perfect fit, minimalist shape, No extra design, it serves more than just an accessories
  • Excellent after-sale service: you are protected by our no-hassle refund service. If you are not satisfied with what you received(except the delivery issue), We will refund you with no question or asking. So buy now with no worry!

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