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Cliquefie - Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Capture quality photos with this CliqueFie selfie stick. An innovative Bluetooth remote gives you wireless control, while the stick angle adjusts up to 100 degrees for optimal snapping. This CliqueFie selfie stick features robust aluminum construction for durability, folds down for easy storage and comes with a tripod mount for stability when taking videos.


Compatible with Apple iPhone

For use with your existing device.

Adjustable angle

Stick angle can be adjusted up to 100 degrees, allowing just the right position for taking a selfie with friends.

Compact design

Reduces to a smaller size to fit easily in your purse or bag without scratching any of your personal belongings.

Wireless Bluetooth snapshot

Included Bluetooth remote allows you to remotely shoot photo or video without downloading any apps.

Tripod connection

The bottom screw thread lets you connect to any standard UNC 1/4"-20 universal tripod for when you need extra stability.

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