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4 Time Setting Modes: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and continuous. And there are 2 options of mist for you to choose from, strong and standard mist. Select a suitable timer mode & mist option and create a calming and relaxing environment. Function Keys: ”MIST”: Press the “Mist” button, choose the time from 1 hour/3 hours/6 hours/steady on. ”Light”: Press the “Light” button to turn on the LED light, the color will change automatically. Press the “Light” button again to freeze the color you want. Press the “Light” button again to change another color, 7 color is available. Each color is adjustable between Bright and Dim. Note: 1. Do not add water over MAX line(less water, more mist) 2. This is an essential oil diffuser, but you also can use it as a humidifier if you like. 3. Please use the Water-Soluble Essential Oils

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