ID - 13529: Induction Soap Dispenser, Automatic Induction Foam Washing Mobile Phone Multifunctional Foam Soap Dispenser Intelligent Washing Mobile Ph

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  • 1. 12:1 precision gas liquefaction leap second wash hands innovative micro foam pump, easy to wash your hands in seconds
  • 2. Reasonable foaming amount to control the amount of foaming, 250m capacity can meet the family's use for about 50 days, cleaning waste
  • 3. Automatic induction of bubble-free contact-free and more hygienic near-field infrared induction, 0.25 seconds makes washing hands more efficient
  • 4. Smart new experience love life, love hand washing automatic sensor foam hand soap
  • 5. Silent without interference (preferably silent motor, noise decibel value is less than 40db, low energy consumption attribute

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