ID - 13794 : Backlit Single Phase Two Wire LCD Digital Display DDM15SD Wattmeter Power Consumption Energy Meter kWh AC 220V 50Hz Din Rail

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Energy meter with LCD backlight digital display, takes turns showing electricity consumption, voltage, current and power.
AC220V/50Hz voltage, 5A-80A current, 17000W power, 1000imp/kwh pulse output and with pulse output indicator.
35mm DIN Rail mounting; 17.5mm pole width; supports Up-out and Down-in / Up-in and Down-out wiring method, easy to install.
Adopt microelectronics and digital processing technology to measure electric energy, accurate and reliable.
Large scale integrated circuits and precision SMT technology, with good electromagnetic interference resistance and stable performance.

Material: Plastic
Model: DDM15SD
Accuracy: First Class
Reference Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Reference Current: 5-80A
Display: LCD Backlight Digital Display
Installation: 35mm DIN Rail
Pole Width: 17.5mm
Wiring Method: Up-out and Down-in / Up-in and Down-out
Power: 17000W
Environment Temperature: -20℃~+50℃
Item Size: approx. 7.8 * 3.7 * 6.6cm/ 3.1 * 1.5 * 2.6in
Item Weight: 200g/ 7.1oz
Package Size: 8 * 7 * 4cm/ 3.1 * 2.8 * 1.6in
Package Weight: 300g/ 10.6oz

This energy meter doesn't has the reset function.

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