ID - 13516 : Topping L30 Mini HiFi Amp Audio Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier NFCA Preamplifier Black

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Topping L30 Mini HiFi Amp Audio Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier NFCA Preamplifier Black

  • NFCA Modules - It provides excellent DC and AC performance.High output current drive capability allows the amp driving low impedance headphones with ease.Ultra-low noise of 0.3uV is miles ahead of the competition,giving an absurdly high dynamic range of 141dB and no audible noise and darkest background for the most sensitive IEMs.Use it as a great music amp,it will surprise you
  • High-fidelity Headphone Amplifier - Support 6.35 / 3.5mm headphone output.It easily drives power-hungry headphones with a wide range of different impedance.And L30 is equipped with three gain settings of -9.9dB/0dB/9.5dB.Wide range of gain settings and the 0.3uVrms ultra-low noise makes L30 easily adapt to all types of headphones from extremely sensitive IEMs to most power demanding full-sized over-ears
  • Application - Not only able to drive the headphones but also apply to be a preamplifier with the same ultra-high performance.It is a great companion of active monitors stacked with E30 DAC when L30 working in preamp mode
  • Perfect for Music and Gaming - When you use it for music,you can experience crystal clear audio the way you would hear it in the recording studio.L30 also is really good for FPS gaming.Can use it with dolby atmos and the directional sounds perfectly
  • Warranty - All devices come with a 12 month warranty by Topping.If you have any other questions about the products ,please feel free to contact the seller

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