ID-13223: DITIM 250ML Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser With Motion Sensor, No-Touch Smart Hand Wash Technology with Upgraded Base For Liquid Soap and

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  • 【Fast React Infrared Motion Sensor】 It makes it easier, faster and more efficient to wash your hands compared to the usual hand washing methods. It can be used In bathroom, kitchen, shower, toilets, etc.
  • 💎【No Touch Automatic Technology】 Prevents risk of catching %99.99 of harmful germs or bacteria from the person that previously used it before you.
  • 💎【Save More With Foam】Automatic foaming technology uses %50 less liquid compared to the classic soap and hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • 💎【 %100 Waterproof and Anti-Leak】 There will be no leaks of any kind of liquid from soap base of the product to the circiuts and battery section.
  • ❗❗【Caution】Please dilute liquid hand soap with water and evenly mix them before pouring into the automatic soap dispenser. Dillute ratio for ordinary liquid soap and hand sanitizer, put 3/4 water and put 1/4 soap or hand sanitizer.

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