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Aroma Diffuser - 7 LED Color Options 100ml

This lovely essential oil diffuser fills any space with a lovely fragrance that can lift the mood and relieve stress from a stressful and tiring day. It's perfect for masking stubborn smells such as those associated with smoking or pet odors. Get peaceful sleep every night, while soaking in the benefits of aromatherapy, when the aromatic fragrances of your choosing surround you.

- Relax and enjoy: 7 color changing lights provide a relaxing setting. You can choose your favorite color or have colors rotate. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to create a relaxing mind and body aromatherapy experience
- Humidify: Dry air can cause your skin to crack. The diffuser can be used without essential oil to add moisture to the air
- Auto Shut Off when the water runs low: Adds to safety, energy efficiency, and peace of mind
- No filters required and works with ordinary tap water

Benefits of using an Essential Oil Diffuser:

Wards of illness:
Essential oils have excellent anti-microbial properties when introduced into the air in vapor form; the organic compounds within the oils come into direct contact with airborne pathogens before they can invade your body. Secondly, by using essential oils, it also boosts your immune system.

Freshens up the air:
Unlike other air fresheners, these diffusers do not put other harmful chemicals into the air.

Help sleep:
Most notably, lavender essential oils can help you have a peaceful sleep, and the mist produces a long-lasting effect to help you sleep throughout the night.

Helps you breathe easier:
Oils like peppermint, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus are great for reducing inflammation and congestion in the airways. If you're prone to allergies, try diffusing some essential oils in your room or home.

Keeps you cool:
Peppermint and spearmint are great to give you that refreshing cool feeling when it's hot outside.

Pain relief:
You don't just have to apply essential oils directly to your body for pain relief; you can also use a diffuser to extend their effects using oils such as ginger, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, and bergamot.

Stress reliever:
With so much stress in today's busy time, why not create a calming effect in your home with essential oils like bergamot, rose geranium and frankincense.

Mood elevating:
Apart from relieving your stress, an essential oil diffuser can also elevate your mood. Using oils such as sweet orange, jasmine, rose geranium is great for when you're feeling sad or depressed.

Relieves snoring:
Using eucalyptus or tea tree oil can one day maybe save your marriage if your significant other keeps you awake at night with their snoring.

Repels insects:
We've all heard that irritating sound of a mozzie keeping us up at night. Adding some citronella, lemongrass, or rosemary essential oil to your diffuser will repel various insects.

A safer alternative to candles and incense:
With essential oil diffusers, you don't have to worry about your pets or small children knocking it over, and the diffusers have an auto shut off when the water runs out.

Mental focus:
If you have to concentrate at work or study hard for that exam, oils like peppermint and eucalyptus are perfect for keeping you focused.

How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser:
- Choose a location: Choose an open area in a room or office with a solid surface or tabletop. You will need an outlet to plug it in. Also, since water is being used, it is good to have a placemat or towel down if you are using a wood surface. I have a diffuser on my nightstand near my bed and one in my family room on a solid shelf. For best use, avoid placing in direct sunlight or near a fan.
- Add water: Once you have your place picked out. Fill your diffuser to the max line of the water tank with clean tap water that is room temperature. Most diffusers have a max line on the inside of the water tank or a measuring cup to fill up and then add to the tank refer to your diffuser manual for the recommended water amount your diffuser requires. Do Not Overfill or your diffuser may not run properly.
- Add oils: Next, add 5-10 drops of essential oils to the water. You can use a single essential oil like lavender, or an essential oil blend. Usually, six drops are enough but sometimes you may want more oil for a stronger scent. You can experiment with the essential oil amounts to see what you prefer. Get our Diffuser Guide here for lots of recipes to try:
- Turn on: Place cap or top of diffuser back on as your diffuser requires. Turn on. Set which features you would like if your model has options.

Quick Cleaning of Your Diffuser:
- It is also best to do a quick clean after use. Just unplug the diffuser and remove any water left in the water tank.
- Clean the inside with a small brush and warm water (you can use a clean paintbrush dedicated to cleaning your diffuser).
- Rinse out and dry off. Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the ultrasonic chip found in most water reservoirs. Let air dry.

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