ID - 13410 : Rechargeable Razor Jinding RQ5588 Rotary Five-Blade Electric Shaver For Men Hair Trimmer Floating Washable

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Main Features: 
- Ergonomic design, can be used as shaver and haircut, convenient for daily use 
- 3D rotary independent floating five-blade design, minimizing pressure and irritation on your skin 
- Precision blades shave even the shortest hair quickly without injury 
- Large capacity, built-in lithium-ion battery design, rechargeable with USB cable, convenient for charging 
- Detachable and washable blade head design, can be washed directly with tap water 

- Power: 5W 
- Voltage: 5V 
- Charging time: 5 hours 
- Working time: about 45min 
- Battery: 1 x lithium-ion battery (built-in) 

- Do not use this product at the eyelashes. 
- Please do not charge in the bathroom to ensure that it will not get wet when charging. 
- Please keep and place the shaver properly, do not let children touch and use.


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